Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Miami

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleanaing

Our phenomenal tile and grout cleaning services in Miami can remove years of build up dirt from your grout line and tile in a few hours not days. Utilizing state of the art chemistry, equipment and our vast years of experience we can guarantee your floors will look sparkling clean.

Conventional over the counter floor cleaners leave behind dirt attracting residue that accumulates throughout the years and creates dirt build up on the tile and grout.

At this point regular mopping won’t remove the dirt from the grout line or the tile and can only be accomplished with a professional deep cleaning unless you want to spend weeks cleaning each grout line.

Watch below a video demonstration of our powerful deep tile and grout services in Miami.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Miami

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Tip: A neutral PH floor cleaning solution won’t leave dirt attracting residue on your floors and won’t strip any floor finishes.

Top Steamer is a local carpet and upholstery cleaning company located in Miami, Fl.

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