How To Prepare Your Home Before We Arrive

Tips on how to prepare your home before we arrive;

  • Pick up all objects on the carpet (toys, shoes, cloth, etc.)
  • Move all breakable items from the carpet.
  • Move electronics from the areas you would like us to clean (computers, TV’s, radios, video games, etc.)
  • If you have a bed that covers most of the space in your room and would like to get clean under it, you may need to move it, we do not move heavy beds.
  • If you would like to clean under heavy furniture like dressers, wall units, you may need to move it, we do not move heavy furniture.
  • Keep pets away while the carpet, upholstery or tile and grout cleaning is performed.
  • Keep Children away from work area while cleaning is being performed.
  • If you would like us to clean inside your closets you need to inform the technician when cleaning is done.
  • We move only moveable furniture like sofas, chairs, dining room chairs, nightstands. We do not move big heavy dining room tables.
  •  If you booked your appointment online we will call a day before the appointment to confirm and at the day of the appointment. The day of the appointment, when we call again to confirm and we do not get a response from you we will not make the trip to your home or business until we get a response from you. If you call back to confirm the appointment after your appointment time has passed, you will need to re-schedule your appointment for another day.