Memory Foam Mattress Cleaning in Pinecrest

These are pictures of a memory foam mattress we cleaned for a customer in the Pinecrest area. The pet accidentally urinated on the mattress while they were out-of-town. They try cleaning and removing the stains but made a bigger stain.

Mattress Before Cleaning
Memory Foam Mattress Before Cleaning

The picture above is before the cleaning. When pet accidents happen is best to use a white towel and press it on where the pet urinated. The urine will transfer to the towel repeat this process as necessary.

Don’t try to remove the urine or clean it yourself with conventional products, which are not made specifically for treating pet odor or removing urine stains. You can create an even bigger stain as you see in the picture above, and in worst scenario make a permanent stain on the mattress.

you should call a professional mattress cleaning company to extract, treat stain and urine odor. See the picture below how we were able to remove all stains and treat the urine odor on this memory foam mattress.

After Mattress Cleaning
Memory Foam Mattress After Cleaning

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