Carpet Cleaning in Homestead

How to Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Company in Miami?

Carpet Cleaning in Homestead
Cleaning Berber carpet in Homestead

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right carpet cleaning company, follow these simple steps;

  • 1) Before hiring any carpet cleaning company make sure they are licensed and insured. Ask for proof of licensed and insurance certificate.
  • 2) Ask for company references from past customers.
  • 3) Ask what method of cleaning they will use, equipment and if they provide ant type of guarantee.
  • 4) Don’t be fool by low prices, that’s just a scheme fraudulent carpet cleaning companies use to get to your door and switch the prices once in your home. For example you may see ads online and on print saying $5.99 or $19 per room carpet cleaning, 100% of the time is a scam. They won’t include carpet conditioner, detergents, rinses, stain or spot removal treatment and will charge extra for all this necessary steps that should be included in the cleaning.
  • 5) Request to get a written estimate of the carpet areas interested in cleaning.
  • 6) Look for reviews online from the carpet cleaning company you would like to hire. Remember now, many companies like to write fake reviews about their services trying to lure potential customers into calling them.

Who we are: Top Steamer is a local professional carpet cleaning company located in Miami, Fl.

Specializing in residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We use a powerful deep carpet cleaning method to remove all dirt, spots, stains, dust mites, dust mite droppings, pet dander, dead skin cells and allergy causing bacteria.

Did you know that periodically cleaning your carpet can help maintain the appearance and prolong its usable life.

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