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Grout Cleaner Miami

Is your kitchen floor grout lines black? How about the living dining room areas? Mopping the floor won’t remove years of embedded dirt from the grout lines.

You need special tile and grout cleaning solutions to loosen the dirt from the tile and grout.

Not all grout lines are black, in fact they vary in colors, grout lines can be beige, grey, pink, red, brown and yes sometimes black. But just because your ceramic floor grout lines are black doesn’t mean they are.

Check inside closets, or under furniture where there is no traffic and see if the grout lines are different color other than black.

If your grout lines are in fact not black but they look black it’s time for a professional cleaning of your tile and grout.

We use a powerful deep cleaning process to remove years of dirt from your tile and grout. Once the process is complete you’ll love your sparkling clean floors.

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