How Clean is Your Carpet?

Do you walk with your shoes on the carpet?
Do you walk with your shoes on the carpet?

Is Your Carpet Really Clean?

Your carpet may appear to look clean but do you actually know how clean is your carpet?

Do you remove your shoes before walking on the carpet? If not you could be bringing into your indoor hundreds units of bacteria that with poor maintained carpet it can turn into millions units of bacteria.

You may start cleaning your carpet or floors professionally more frequently after reading this instead of postponing it.

Bacteria Found on Shoes

Did you know that toilet seats generally have approximately 1,000 bacteria or less?

A research conducted by the University of Arizona professors found nine different species of bacteria on the bottom of peoples shoes.

These type of bacteria can cause infections in our stomachs, eyes and lungs. Imagine walking in the streets, going into public bathrooms, parks and many other public places and walking on the carpet with the same shoes? You could be bringing thousands of bacteria and even feces from animals or public restrooms.

Almost up to 90 percent of the time bacteria gets transferred into hard floors imagine on carpet.

The study found that bacteria actually lives longer on our shoe soles than in other places.

Carpet harbors bacteria even more than hard floors. There could be up to 8,000,000 units of bacteria per shoe. Carpet acts as a filter for dust, mold spores, pollen, dirt and pesticides particles which can originate indoors or brought in from outside.

Following a frequent and effective vacuuming routine can help remove much of these particles. Professional carpet cleaning with a hot water extraction method commonly know as steam cleaning is recommended at least twice a year to remove the rest of particles from the carpet and maintain a clean indoor air quality.

Studies indicates that poorly maintained carpet releases significant quantities of particles in the air through out daily activity. When was the last time you cleaned your carpet? Call Top Steamer℠ to schedule a professional carpet cleaning 305-631-5757 let us beautify your carpet with our powerful deep cleaning process, you’ll enjoy walking barefoot on your carpet again.

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