Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Miami Gardens

From time to time we like sharing pictures of our work to let potential clients see the quality of our work and make an educated decision before hiring a carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Miami Gardens
Carpet Cleaning Miami Gardens

The picture above is from a rental apartment. The owner of the apartment had tenants that lived in the apartment for almost three years with out cleaning the carpet once.

After a quick walk through with the client, we told him what the expectation will be after cleaning.

First we did a thorough vacuuming to remove dry soil, sand, and all debris that was on the carpet. Secondly we applied a special formulated pre-conditioner to loosen embedded dirt specially on the high traffic areas. We proceeded to give all the carpet a deep scrubbing with our CRB machine. This agitation process helps the pre-conditioner performed better and lift as much dirt from the fibers as possible. Lastly we hot water extracted the carpet that left the carpet sparkling clean as you can see in the picture above the before and after difference.

We provided this carpet cleaning in Miami Gardens and the client saved hundreds of dollars on a new carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning Miami Gardens
Upholstery Cleaning Miami Gardens

Amazing before and after picture of a couch cleaning in Miami Gardens. This sofa wasn’t cleaned in years, you can tell what a difference!!!

We got a call for a customer interested in getting the upholstery clean in her house, she mention the couches are lived by five people and pets.

As a last resource she opted to get the couches cleaned and we were able to save the sofas we our deep upholstery cleaning service, it was a challenge.

First we vacuumed and brush off all pet hair, dust and debris on the sofas. We then proceeded to apply a specialize upholstery pre-conditioner with a dwelling time of ten minutes. We agitated all areas with special upholstery brushes to loosen all dirt from the couches. Thirdly we hot water extracted all the couches with a PH-balanced rinse and we were able to bring this sofa back to life.

See the incredible before and after difference during the hot water extraction cleaning process.

If you need to get your carpet or upholstery cleaned in Miami Gardens call us to set up your appointment or for a FREE no obligation estimate 305-631-5757 visit our website for more information about our carpet and upholstery cleaning services Couch Cleaning.

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